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    Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to adjust our rates, or these terms, at any time, affecting all unbooked days, but not altering rates for days which are already booked.

The rates quoted on our rates page are all-inclusive (except for the Unreasonable Electricity Usage Surcharge): For your convenience we have already calculated in the charges for cleaning, laundering, bed-linen etc.


A deposit is due within 1 week of the time a booking is made. The deposit amount is calculated according to various factors (it is usually 50-75% of the total) but the deposit amount is also negotiable. The balance is usually paid on arrival, and if so, must be in cash. The preferred method of payment for the deposit is Paypal, if other payment methods are used the guest will have to pay any third-party charges incurred.

Damage Deposit   We require a damage deposit of 200 euros, payable on arrival and refundable on departure, as long as there is no damage besides reasonable wear and tear.
Start and End of Occupancy
  If the flat preparations have been completed, the guest will take occupancy of the flat at 3:00 PM of the afternoon preceding the first night they have paid for. Guests must vacate the flat by 12:00 noon after the last night they have paid for if another guest is to take occupancy that night. If there are no other guests using the flat at the start and/or end of their stay we will likely allow you to extend your stay to begin at your transport arrival time and/or end at your transport departure time. Please understand that at the time of booking we cannot guarantee any extensions of our "start and end of occupancy policy", as more bookings may be made later. If you feel you absolutely must have early or late occupancy, the only way we can absolutely guarantee that, is if you book the previous and/or subsequent night. We will provide safe-keeping for you baggage during any interval between your taking occupancy and/or relinquishing occupancy of the flat, and your transport arrival/departure time.
and Refunds
  All deposits and payments for stays are non-refundable. If you must cancel your booking we will refund any payments made, only if we are able to get another booking for the period you had booked and paid for. In the case that we are only able to rent the flat for a portion of the time you had originally booked, we will refund the portion of your payment relating to the days that we have been able to book again. All of the above applies to the 25% booking deposit as well as full payments. If you wish to guard against losing your deposit or full payment in the event you are unable to use your booking we suggest you obtain cancellation insurance, offered by many general insurance companies. There are a number of websites that can assist you in finding a reasonable travel insurance policy. This one offers a choice of providers: 1st-travel-insurance
Pets   We do not permit pets in our flat.
Children   We welcome children to the flat: it is large, with 3 bedrooms and is ideal for families.
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